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Millennials On The Move


Millennials currently are the largest generation in the US labor force, and it is estimated that they will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. According to studies, more than 8 in 10 millennial workers are willing to move for a job; understanding how to move this generation is important for every organization—no matter the industry.

It’s important to keep in mind, hiring top talent requires looking much further than your doorstep. The availability of qualified personnel with specialized skills in a tight labor market is pushing employers to expand their searchers and recruit from faraway regions. To better attract and retain key talent, it is vital for employers to develop a comprehensive relocation program to help give their company a competitive edge.





Many millennials are eager for opportunities to develop professionally in their careers. According to a Gallup survey, 59% of millennials rate professional growth and development opportunities as one of the top factors they consider when applying for jobs. Millennials are driven by their desire to expand their knowledge and skillset in order to produce meaningful work.

Position the relocation as an opportunity for them to develop professionally while acquiring new skills. Clearly articulating the value of the relocation and how it will benefit their career will be more enticing for the millennial.




Millennials are much more likely to take into consideration how the move will affect their family, in comparison to previous generations. Many want to ensure the move will be of benefit to their entire family, including the career of their partner. Understanding this is of concern, incorporating family/spousal assistance into your company’s relocation program can be key in securing that top talent.




When millennials are ready to move, they want the process to be fast and painless. Many want to be in control of the move so they can tailor it to fit their specific needs. Providing your employee with the opportunity to take part in the planning will not only get them more excited about the whole process but also will make them feel more comfortable.

With your new recruit taking a more hands-on approach, it is essential to establish yourself as a helpful resource early on in the process. Providing key information about the relocation package and ensuring they understand it, is a great place to start.




There are many logistical pieces that need to get organized for a move. Equip your transferees with the right guidance to ensure they have a successful and stress-free experience. If your talent is moving with their family, share our Tips For Moving During the School Year Blog or if they’re moving on their own, provide them with our Single’s Guide to Moving.


Corporate relocation programs that speak to what millennials value in the work force is key to developing a positive relationship from the moment you recruit your top talent. At Allied we understand there are a lot of moving parts to mobility and have developed an integrated solution to handle all your relocation needs under one single contract.

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