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We're proud to share with you The Salvation Army Webinar.  a short marketing video that explains our services, partnerships, and overall commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.  We hope you enjoy this video and find it useful for your marketing efforts. Please share with prospects and clients through social posts and email messaging.




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  • Clear the clutter and change someone’s life. Allied has partnered with The Salvation Army to provide your talent with a donation pickup solution. By recycling donations, unwanted items will have a second life with someone who will put them to good use. Check out our latest webinar to learn more about the benefits of our partnership:  #moving #donations #declutter
  • Decluttering is just one of the complex tasks your talent needs to tackle before moving day. In this pre-recorded webinar, Lesli Bertoli discusses how you can provide simplified moving solutions for your employees while doing good in the community. Check it out now:  #moving #donations #declutter
  • Lesli Bertoli of Allied Van Lines sits down with Major Henry Graciani of The Salvation Army to discuss the positive impacts of their exclusive partnership.  Your employee' s unwanted belongings become donations which directly fund The Salvation Army Rehab Center. Donating couldn't be easier. Download free webinar now:  #moving #donations #declutter



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In Allied's latest webinar with Lesli Bertoli, Vice President of Allied Van Lines, and Major Henry Graciani of The Salvation Army, we learn more about the positive impacts of donation. Check it out now to understand how this resource makes moving easier for your employee while giving back to local communities. 

Through a free scheduled pick-up, unwanted belongings can be picked up and taken to a Salvation Army Store. All store items purchased directly fund their Adult Rehab program. 

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