How to Effectively Plan for a Group Move

Imagine that you are just leaving a meeting where you were told that your employer has decided to relocate a group of people from one location to another. The CEO told you that you are expected to manage the move. He/she stresses to you that the success of this group move is critical to the future of the Company and everyone is counting on you to “make it happen.” Any number of business scenarios could lead to this decision.

Even though this may be your first experience in managing a group move, you may have heard stories about the stress group moves can bring to an organization and the people who are working on it. You may recall hearing how a group move does not always turn out as planned, and that a lot can change from when the plan is initiated until the last employee is in place at the new location. There will always be times when no matter what actions are taken, it will not alter the end result.


Group Move Guide


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