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How Outsourcing Relocation Helps Manage Costs


As concerns over inflation and a potentially pending recession loom over multiple industries, minimizing budgets and maximizing value are top of mind for procurement departments everywhere. When you need the right talent in the right place, you may be tempted to handle employee relocations in-house, but outsourcing your talent mobility management can provide your employees with a positive, streamlined experience and actually save you money

Controlling costs doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality and experience. Here are some ways working with a corporate moving partner can be a win for your budget and your employees.

Say Goodbye to Hidden Fees

Hiring an experienced relocation partner can help you avoid hidden fees and mark-ups. They help you navigate all things mobility by steering you toward suppliers and plans that fit your budget and eliminating unnecessary links in the supply chain that can drive up the price, create longer cycle times and reduce employee satisfaction.  

A corporate moving partner can also positively impact your costs in the long term. By providing relocating employees with a positive experience, you can increase employee retention and decrease the costs associated with searching for and onboarding new talent. Additionally, it can promote internal hiring – if an employee has already had a positive experience, they may be more willing to relocate again.

Your corporate moving partner brings with them a wealth of experience, allowing them to anticipate and overcome complexities and roadblocks that your team may be unaware of. Save your procurement and HR teams the time and stress of handling employee relocations and let them focus on other ways to support the business.

And Hello to Mobility Expertise

Beyond saving your company money, a corporate moving partner’s expertise will make the moving process simpler, more streamlined and secure. You and your employees can face a relocation with confidence knowing you have access to experts at any time, at your fingertips. 

No matter the intricacies of your employee’s move, they have the specialized expertise to handle every detail, including immigration attorneys, mortgage experts, local knowledge, experience and local teams ready to help your talent settle into their new home.  

While you focus on your business, relocation professionals are constantly learning about and looking for new and innovative ways to provide you with a great, budget-friendly relocation program. Let them do the legwork of keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends and improvements to ensure your employees enjoy the best possible experience.

The Careful Movers

Allied Van Lines’ parent company, SIRVA BGRS Worldwide, is a leading global relocation service provider with the expertise to manage your organization’s talent mobility program. By harnessing the power of Allied’s national network of movers, SIRVA BGRS and Allied are your one-stop shop for corporate relocation coverage, logistics, moving and storage. Together, we have the solutions in place to ensure your employees enjoy a safe, simple and painless move all while looking out for your budget. Learn more.